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7 Perks You Can Brag About

The special services for members when they join the 7republic team.
Lunch & Beverage
Free lunch and fresh water. For soft drink, we stock in freezer, everyone should pay before take.
Resting place
Everyone needs rest. We have a bedroom with 6 beds and 1 bathroom.
Relaxing place
Large area space with Game, TV, music instruments and sofa. Work hard, play harder !!!
A great team
To work with a good team and learn the new things with them is a good experiments more than just do the great project.
Friendly work environment
Great place to work. Just like a family.
Challenging work
Everyone has an ability to work with the challenging one. We make you use every last brain cell for sure!!!
Expert Guide
At 7republic, we have a senior to help you work like a professional.

7 Working At 7republic

We’re always looking out for new talent people, who have the same attitude.
with the high capabilities. There is no need to have all of the following qualifications,
at least we need your inner power to join with us and help our team to get stuff done.
Drupal Geek
Use Drupal (CMS) to build everything on the online world, PHP based
Be extreme interested in building websites and applications using Node.js
Mobile/Tablets experiences
Develop responsive websites and applications that can run on both mobile and tablet.
Challenge Web Technology
Trendy person; be brave to learn so many things about Web technology.
JS/CSS Effect
Experiences in javascript and CSS to create awesome works with transition and can interact with.
UI & UX Design
Design website and application based on aspects of a person’s experience
Loud Working on
To Work Out Loud!; Open work using your head and all your capabilities to make it better